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OPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine OPP/BOPP Labeling Machine MD-3000-OPP

Container Sleeve Labeling Machine

Automatic High-Speed OPP Labeling Machine for Round Bottles

  • OPPI BOPP hot melt glue labeling machine for round bottle
    Capacity: 200, 300,400, 600 and 700 bottles/min
  • Shrink sleeve inserting machine
    Capacity: 200, 300, 400, 600 and 700 bottles/min
  • Two-sides labeling machine.
  • Round bottle labeling machine
  • Flat surface label applicator
  • Unique designed labeling machine

  • Suitable applications: For labeling empty & round bottles of food & beverages (soda, mineral water, dairy products, juice, edible oil, seasoning, etc.), cleansers and detergents, and industrial products
  • Features:
  • With a star-shaped wheel carrying containers firmly while dispensing, providing stable dispensing performance under high-speed operation
  • A servomotor synchronously tracks label supply, label cutting and use a special, high-speed vacuum drum to ensure precise labeling
  • Three-phase PLC and AC variable control with a synchronized tracking and control system for precise label cutting and labeling performance
  • Welded, sturdy machine body enables labeling up to 600 bottles without problems
  • Centralized lubricating system for easy maintenance
  • System safety device: When malfunctions such as irregular torques and abnormal feeding occur, machine will automatically stop for operation safety and machine durability
  • With automatic label extension control system for stable and precise labeling
  • Adhesives: Hot-melt adhesives, glues, and thermal-activity adhesives
  • Label materials: OPP, BOPP, thermal-activity adhesives, and matte paper Labeling: Automatic label cutting, inducting, glue dispensing, and vertical wrap-around labeling
    Applicable containers: Cylindrical bottles with vertical labeling surface
    Materials: Plastic/glass bottles, metal (tin or aluminum) cans, and paper containers (tennis ball containers).


40~200 pcs /min
40~300 pcs /min
40~400 pcs /min
Main Motor Power


High Pressure Ring Type Blower Motor
Bottle Diameter
Label Length
Machine Size
(L)4500 x (W)1620 x (H)1600 mm

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