Two-side Labeling Machine
BOPP Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine MD-5800

OPP/BOPP Labeling Machine

Auto Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine

  • Suitable applications: For label insertion on containers of sundries, foods (beverages, dairy products, and wine), medicines, and industrial products
  • Features:
  • Adopts the latest Japanese PLC, with a big colored screen, interactive HMI, and powerful on-line inspection and self-detection devices to enhance production efficiency and reduced time cost for maintenance and staff training
  • Multifunctional software system aids to cut off transparent/printed/color-gradient-printed films precisely, without installing sensors
  • CE-approved interior electric elements; easy-to-obtain and quality-guaranteed
  • Cutting blades and label-conveying units are supported by Panasonic servomotor, providing precise label conveying, cutting, and high-speed label inserting performance
  • Simple transmitting structure and easy to change belt within 10 minutes. PU belt provides durable, less part consuming, easy and less maintenance expense
  • May be optioned with steam/heat-shrinking ovens
  • Labeling: Cap-sealing type, overall bottle type, full body labeling cap sealing type, or middle body labeling type
  • Applicable containers: Round/square/oval/contour bottles
    Materials: Plastic/glass/metal bottles
    Label materials: PVC, PET, and OPS
  • Product specifications: Machine can be made-to-order

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